Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Tortilla Chicken Fillet Breast Wraps

Hello, how is everyone doing today? I hope you all had a lovely day 

I haven't had one of these in yonks and really fancied it today.And what Yems wants, Yems gets! So there we have it ....... This is a very simple and quick meal to make and very delicious too.


bell peppers(green, yellow and red)
chicken breast fillets
tortilla wraps
tortilla spice mix (optional)


 For The Chicken Fillet Breast

heat the wok and add 2tsps of extra virgin oil 
wash chicken fillet in lemon juice and cut into squares

  For The Chicken Fillet Prep

place chicken breast into the hot oil and stir until it's cooked and brown
add vegetables and stir, do not let the vegetable be too soft
add the smokey bbq sauce and stir nicely...

 For The Tortilla Wrap Prep

heat the oven and place tortilla on the foil for 5mins till they are wam
( my wraps turned out to be a bit hard as I was on the phone and forget them in the oven) 

Tortilla Wraps

                                             Final Prep for Tortilla Wraps

             place wraps on a plate and add the chicken fillet and vegetable mix and wrap

Chicken Breast Tortilla Wraps
Tortilla wraps with tomatoes

Washed down with a nice glass of infused
 lemon water

Have a lovely evening.

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