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Welcome to YemSmoothies!!

My name is Yems.I am a techie by day, a smoothie blogger by night and a smoothie addict 24-7. I
f there's such a place called "Smoothies Anonymous" then you'll need to check me right in! ha ha!!

In July 2013 with a lot of research I decided to embark on a one month smoothie detox/complete healthy eating regimen. My meal plan included the following:
  • A Green Smoothie or a fruit & vegetable smoothie for breakfast;
  • Home made salad for lunch, they are always the best;
  • Nuts for when I felt peckish(my drawer at work was fully stocked up with nuts) my boss always called me a squirrel as I was always chewing on nuts; ha ha!
  • Lots of infused water & herbal tea
  • Vegetables and salmon/chicken for dinner all day everyday;
  • And sometimes a smoothie meal replacement for dinner if I was to tired to cook.
The plan was to eliminate hard to digest foods, all carbohydrates, caffeine, dairy, sugar,  and sweets which was my biggest challenge. My focus was to stick to fresh fruits,fish(in my case salmon as I despise every other type of fish) vegetables, nuts, seeds, healthy oils and drink lots of water.

Drinking water was a big challenge for me as I very rarely drank water in the past. I did some research on how to improve my water intake and found out about "infused water" which helped me  a great deal.

Infused water as many of you might already know is when you infuse your water with fruits or herbs to improve the taste. This helped me a great deal and I found myself drinking lots of water on a regular basis. Water was my best friend and I  drank it like a fish!

Another part of my detox was to get plenty of rest and also make an improvement with my exercise. I took up yoga and my body was tested to it's limits but I stuck to it, I also did a lot of walking in the evenings and  home exercises via YouTube videos.

During my detox I struggled a lot as my body was adjusting to me not overly eating, no intake of sugar and it was also eliminating the junk. 

By the end of my one month detox, my belly fat had lessened,love handles were gone ha ha!!  ... and I felt lighter, alert and alive and I had also lost a few stones too, I think I lost too much weight as my clothes didn't cling to my body as they did before:-)

 Friday Selfie in the lifts at the office in July 2013.  In August 2013 at the Africa At Spitafield Event & Spa Day  

The one month detox and the changes my body went through encouraged me to continue with a healthy eating,drinking process  and regular exercise on a daily basis and also continuously cut out an excess amount of carbohydrate from my meals as an excess of carbohydrate constantly made me feel bloated.

To date, I rarely go a day without having a green smoothie for breakfast. Smoothies, healthy eating, drinking and exercising have now become my routine and a part of my life and I have never felt better.

I created YemSmoothies to share my smoothie and meal recipes and to encourage people who aren't keen on their fruits and vegetables that by making smoothies or juicing you can get your recommended 5 a day intake. You can also go on a personal detox journey from time to time to get you to that place of feeling great!!

I am by no means a chef rather I am a lady who likes to experiment and concoct  a few meals in the kitchen, I care about the contents of my food and my stomach.

We all know how important it is for us to have our 5 a day and smoothing/juicing with the right balance of fruits and vegetables is a great way to get the right portion into our bodies.

I hope you will stay tuned and keep an eye out for my various healthy smoothies recipes and concocted meals :-)

Stay tuned and connected!!

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