Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Supermarket Vs Local Market Stalls

What's your preference and why?

The Supermarket or your local market stall?

Every fortnight on a Saturday morning I get ready and head to my local market to pick my fruits and vegetables.

As I walk into the market lane of which I love the atmosphere  I can immediately hear George, 50 my favourite fruit trader call out to shoppers and passers by  " Buy your apples and vegetables here, pound a bowl, pound a bowl all fresh, today's produce, fresh on the stall"  the atmosphere in the market is always buzzing and full of life.

As I walk up to him he says " Ello darling you a'right " ? I reply good thanks George what do you have for me today?  The warm reception and smile makes me giggle, he sometimes compliments me on my hair and my lipstick and I tell him that I know it's a ploy to get me to spend more money on his stall. No darling he replies "you know you're my favourite customer" ....Y eh right I reply I bet you say that to all the girls. 

George hasn't lost his touch as his compliments often works a charm.

His fruits and vegetables are always fresh and he sells

  • a bowl of 10 granny smiths apples
  • a bowl of golden delicious apples for £1, 
  • a bowl of juicy red grapes for a £1, 
  • 6 raw beetroots for £1, 
  • 6 cucumbers for £1, 
  • 6 grapefruits for a £1,
  • 4 courgettes for a £1,
  • a bowl of ripe cherry tomatoes for 50p and lots more.

Shallots, Strawberries and Courgettes at the local market
Cauliflower and  Potatoes at the local market 

Onions,Green-beans and Sweet Potatoes at the local market 

I must say that even though I spend a lot of money on George's stall I like to look around the market as there are also some brilliant bargains on other stalls. The other day I bought 8 avocados for £1 ..YES 8!! I was in avocado heaven if such a place exists and 3 big butternut squash for £1.50.

The highlight of last week was when I bought 3 trays of strawberries for a whooping sun of £1, thinking about it now I was so silly not to have taken a pictures as I got home and for me that was an immediate wash, bag and freeze process with my other fruits.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I love going to my local market stalls to support the traders and I get real value for my money.#Buylocal #Supportthemarkettraders

Oranges, Apples, Bananas and Kiwis at the local market stall

My local supermarket is great but I am never satisfied when I go there. I don't get that one to one attention from George and I meet with lifeless fruits and vegetables on the shelves.

The thought of weighing my fruit irks me especially as I pay so much for so little. Do not get me wrong the supermarket is a great place to shop for fruits and vegetables if that's your preference but it isn't for me.

The supermarket is great when I run out of my favourite fruits or vegetables and for me to quickly pop in and get my produce but for a big batch I rarely go to the supermarket. The other day I ran out of cucumbers and lemons for my infused water and I popped into the supermarket to get a cucumber and I had to pay 90p for a slim mean looking cucumber, I begrudgingly paid for it of course but kicked myself because I could see George's 6 cucumbers for £1 in my thoughts haha!!!

So what's your preference and why? Is it the Supermarket Or Market Stalls? 

Let me know your thoughts.

Photo Credit: My Sister 

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