Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Whoop Whopp Summer Is Here....

On Sunday the 18th of May we had a  "heat wave".  It was baking hot, it was so hot that you could fry an egg under the sun ha ha!!

Summer has become a very rare occurrence for us in the United Kingdom. Let's just say we don't get a right proportion of the four seasons and one of our seasons called winter seems to take over all year long but the sun came out and my oh my were we glad to see the sun.

For many of us that's an excuse to have a barbecue, go the beach or sit in the garden which was the case for me.

After church I dashed home, stripped to my summer gear and sat in the garden with my lunch, infused water, some Afro beats and of course a smoothie. What is summer without a smoothie?

Blackberries and Strawberries

Here's hoping for more great weather this weekend!!

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