Monday, 26 May 2014

Thank You!

Dear Readers,

I'll keep it short and sweet as my header says it all! 

Thank You All for Joining me and Subscribing to my Blog, Blog Updates,Google Plus, My BBM Channel (C0037E44D) & Twitter Account (@YemSmoothies).

Thank you to all my subscribers worldwide, to those who pop in to have a sneak peak, to those who come  in via all the other social networking mediums and to all those who signed up to the recipe updates.

It makes me smile when I see a comment on my posts and when one of my readers says they've tried my smoothie recipe and  says " I tried this today and it made me feel like the ate the world " . .. Lol you know who you are ..thank you!!!

Makes me grin like a Cheshire cat when another ready says "  She's embarking on a 5 day smoothie/juice detox and will be using some of the recipes on YemSmoothies as a guide -Thank you!! We are glad we helped you on your successful detox journey.

Even more encouraging when a meal I have concocted together encourages someone to say hmm delicious  and they haven't even tasted it but they've decided to make it their dinner the next day- Thank You!!

It makes my mind run buck wild when a reader asks me if I have a smoothie outlet yet as she would love to taste a certain smoothies posted on the blog- Thank You!!
With God ALL things are possible  Matthew 19:26.

I am encouraged that whenever I post a blog someone out there is reading and is encouraged to go into their kitchen and bring out their food ingredients/ smoothie maker /juicer in storage and experiment with the fruits they have in their fridge or pantry.

Smoothing, healthy living and eating has become a way and a part of my life and I hope you'll make it the same for you and your families too.

Thank You For Reading!!


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