Thursday, 29 May 2014

DIY Fun Smoothie Ice Creams For Kids

Summer is here ...well not for us in the United Kingdom! Did I hear someone say here she goes again ranting about the weather? I can't help it as it's rained cats and dogs all week and there is still no news  of the sunshine :-(

When and If the sun does come out I will like moms and pops to try this DIY fun smoothie ice cream for the kids. Get the kids involved, let them choose the smoothie and make sure it is a nice mix of fruits and vegetables.

This is another way to ensure they have their fruits and vegetables but in a fun way....bit sneaky ha ha!! but if they like it then it will be a winner all round!!

  • Ice cube tray
  • strawberries
  • low fat yogurt
  • plastic cups
  • little wooden holders ( I didn't have any so i used a used a straw(You can pick the little wooden forks up when you go to the chip shop haha! or get some from the store)
  • smoothie mix ( I used the leftovers from my green and mango smoothie)

  • pour yogurt in the ice cube tray and place strawberry on top, you can do the same with any other fruit
  • Pour  the green smoothie in  the plastic cup, pop some green grapes in and put the ice cream stick in and put it in the freezer overnight
  • Cut  a nice mix of fruits such as strawberries, kiwis,blueberries,oranges, grapes  and place them in the plastic cup, add some orange juice and freeze. This will also make a nice healthy fruit ice cream for the kids.

Green Smoothie Ice Cream and Mango Smoothie for Kids

I think the kids will love it and it's different from the normal sweet and sugar coated ice creams that they are used to. You can make a fun ice cream smoothie with any smoothie mix you like but ensure it is  a mix of fruits and vegetables for them to cool down when the hot summer arrives.

Frozen Strawberry & Low Fat Yogurt

Try it and let me know what the kids think?

You can use the frozen  yogurt strawberries as your ice cubes and pop them in your  blender to make your smoothies too!

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