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Green Smoothie Benefits

Hello Smoothie Lovers,

Let's talk about Green smoothies and it's benefits.

I remember the first time I tried a green smoothie, I was petrified of how it would taste and blended a very small portion  but I will admit that once I tasted it I was hooked and I have been addicted to green smoothies ever since.

The truth is I have a green smoothie every morning before I go to work and it gears me up for the day and i must say it's very filling too.

My very first smoothie consisted of Kale, banana, apricot, aloverajuice  and dates which acted as a sweetener.

My First Green Smoothie

Benefits of Green Smoothies

Green smoothies have many health benefits  but here’s a brief introduction to the many advantages of drinking green smoothies on a daily basis:

1. Green smoothies offer pure nutrition. The amount of vitamins you’ll get depends on the fruits and vegetables you choose for the smoothie. However, most fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins A and C. Guava is also high in folate, while avocados provide high amounts of potassium and magnesium.
2. Green smoothies are much healthier than fruit or vegetable juices. When juices are extracted, you get vitamins and minerals but no fiber. However, smoothies are made using the whole fruit/vegetable, so you get all the fiber in your drink.
3. Green smoothies are a great way to eat your veggies without even realizing it. Although most people like fruit, many have trouble getting their daily requirement of veggies. When you make a green smoothie, the taste of the greens is hidden by the taste of the fruit, so you don’t even notice the veggies are there.
4. Green smoothies are easy and quick to make. The only equipment you need is a blender (and a pitcher if you make large amounts and need to store some in the fridge).
5. Homemade green smoothies are cheap. Buying smoothies at a juice bar can set you back as much as £4 a glass. At home, combining fruits and vegetables won’t cost you more than a few pounds. Drinking a glass every day will provide you with all the vitamins you need, a much cheaper (and more natural) option than buying multivitamins.
6. Green smoothies can be a good way to get kids to “eat” their vegetables. You might need to start with a higher proportion of fruit vs. vegetables (for example, 70/30 instead of the standard 60/40) until they get used to the flavor.
7. Green smoothies will provide you with a lasting source of energy. Fruits are a good source of energy, but eaten alone will only provide short bursts of energy (they contain lots of sugars, which are quickly metabolized). Because of their high content of veggies, green smoothies have a balanced sugar content.
8. Green smoothies are low in calories but very filling. Because they contain high amounts of water and fiber, they’ll make you feel as if you just ate a full meal. If you’re trying to lose weight, green smoothies will help fight hunger and cravings while helping the pounds melt off easier.
9. Green smoothies are easy to digest. Because they’re already blended and liquefied, smoothies are quicker to digest. After all, your body no longer needs to work so hard to “break down” the food in order to extract the nutrients. People who suffer from indigestion after eating a heavy meal will also benefit, as smoothies are filling but light.
10. Green smoothies will keep you hydrated. Although one should drink at least eight glasses of water a day, experts believe most people don’t drink even half that amount.

One of the reasons for that is that many people simply don’t like the taste of plain water. If that describes you, simply infuse your water with the fruits you love. For example I add sliced cucumbers, grapes and a slice of lemon to my water and allow it to chill and this makes the bland taste of water tasty and fruit flavored. Try this and you'll be drinking more liquids without even noticing it.

Challenge yourself to have a green smoothie today!!!

Start with small green vegetables such as Baby Spinach ,Cucumber,Lettuce,Avocado, Kiwi then add a banana or some dates to  act as a sweetner and let me know how you get on.

Till next time....
Happy Smoothies

Credits :VegKitchen

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