Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Yellow Watermelon Surprise!!

Have you ever seen or tasted a yellow watermelon?

I didn't even know they existed!

All my life ....." sounds like I am about to type my bio there " ...ha ha!! All my life all I have ever seen or tasted was a red watermelon and we all know how delicious and refreshing they are.

Red Watermelon

Warning: If you're my friend or family and you ever go fruit shopping and you happen to live nearby do not make the mistake of telling me you've gone fruit shopping because I would pay you a visit to see what goodies you've bought and definitely help myself to some of your fruits purchases ...with your permission of course ha ha!

On Saturday my sister made that mistake. She called and said " I have just gotten back from the fruit market" and then she made mention of all the fruits and bargains she bought and made an even bigger mistake of sending me a picture of all her purchases lined up on her kitchen counter.

As I zoomed in I spotted a few mangoes and a big watermelon, in my head I knew I was going to get half of that watermelon. I asked if she was going out soon and she replied no I'll be home for a while.

In less than 45mins I was at her door..... Lol!! she knew why I had come and had bagged and frozen all her fruit into the freezer. As I always say  "ditch the ice and freeze your fruits" . The only fruits on the counter were the mangoes and the juicy watermelon.

As we stood in the kitchen making small talk she picked up her big sharp knife and ripped into the watermelon and as she cut it wide open we both stared at each other blankly...

OMG!! I shouted you have been scammed Lol!!....this is a yellow watermelon... don't taste it I exclaimed!! I grabbed my phone and went unto Google, typed in yellow watermelon and clicked on images...lo and behold there they were... Yellow watermelons looking all yellow and delicious mixed with the red watermelon. It was hilarious!!

As you'd expect I demanded for half. She refused to share her mangoes though,her excuse was that she only bought 2 mangoes for £1 and needed them for her smoothies, I wasn't pleased but hey I got half of the juicy watermelon so hooray!!

I can not wait to make a yellow watermelon smoothie with it!

Yellow Watermelon

I am curious to know ... have you ever seen or tasted a yellow watermelon?

What were your initial thoughts when you saw one?

Am I the only one who has never seen a watermelon? Make me feel better please and tell me that you are just like me and have never seen a yellow watermelon ha ha!!

Till the next time.....

Stay Smooth :-)

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