Tuesday, 27 May 2014

How to Make A Healthy Smoothie By Diatta Harris

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As I was doing some research today on the www and making notes for some new recipes the following video popped up in my YouTube recommendations list.

It's a video from Diatta Harris from the Femme Fitale Fit Club. She has a fitness fit blog that talks about fitness, go check it out : http://femmefitalefitclub.com/

In her opening remark she states "drinking smoothies is very popular right now and did you know that you could be sabotaging your fitness gains"?

I smiled when I read the first line and then nodded in agreement when she asked the question did you know it can sabotage your fitness gains?

She further went on to say smoothies are a great way to get in much needed nutrition but too many times people are overloading them with sugar so much so they are no better than drinking a soda or fast food milkshake.

Smoothies are a great way to have a meal if you can't cook or if you don't have time.

In the past she would have a smoothie which consisted of two cups of sweet juice, fruits and then add some protein powder and this was her routine for a year of which she noticed she was not loosing any weight, rather she was gaining weight and she was still exercising.

But smoothies are meant to be healthy aren't they? So why was she gaining weight instead of loosing it? ....One word SUGAR!!

In the video she talks about the sugar intake of smoothies which could have an adverse effect on your fitness gain.

A healthy smoothie should have a good balance of fruits and vegetables (green vegetables), also adding seeds such as Chia and Linseed are also good.

I love a green smoothie mixed with fruit so this was a great eye opener for me. I was also glad to hear that unsweetened milk and the use of water was a good liquid to use when blending your smoothies.

Read more: http://femmefitalefitclub.com/2014/05/make-healthy-smoothie/

Watch the Video : How to Make a Healthy Smoothie by Diatta Harris 

Thanks to Diatta Harris for this very informative video and for letting me share it on the blog.

Credits: Diatta Harris from the Femme Fitale Fit Club.

Keep making those healthy green smoothies, keep fit & drink those sweet smoothies in moderation!

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