Thursday, 22 May 2014

Chicken Fillet, Couscous & Vegetables

Hello Food Lovers,

I hope you've all had a lovely day and the sun is shinning wherever you are?

I can't boast of a lovely weather here as the sunshine has disappeared again and the torrential rain is back :-(

I have another healthy dinner choice for you today.

You've probably noticed that I love couscous, well what's not to like?

Couscous provides you with essential nutrients to help maintain your overall health. It's light, delicious and can be eaten as a side dish or dessert.

You can buy the already made couscous from the salad bar in the supermarket or buy the dry grains in a packet as shown below. I prefer to buy the dry grains and add a few other bits to it such as mushrooms, onions, sweetcorn, olives and bell peppers.

Couscous has been a great alternative to rice and pasta for me.


Read bout more about the health benefits of couscous

Chicken Fillet, Couscous, Green Beans and Cherry Tomatoes


1 packet of couscous
1 chicken fillet
green beans
cherry tomatoes


For the Couscous

Place couscous in a plastic container, cover with 100ml boiling water  and close the lid to let the couscous steam and swell up

After 10mins, open the lid add some olive oil sweetcorn,chopped bell peppers and stir
For the Green Beans

Wash and remove ends

Add the green beans into the boiling water

Bring to boil for 5mins

Drain the beans, add salt and black pepper

Place on a plate

For the Chicken Fillet
Preheat the grill, place chicken fillet in grill and let it bake for 30-35mins turning on both sides
Wash and place the cherry tomatoes on the plate
Serve with Baked Chicken fillet, green beans and couscous

Try some ready made couscous from the salad bar at your local store and let me  know what you think?

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