Saturday, 17 May 2014

Guess where I went today ?

Ha ha!! The fruit market stall of course ...where else?

I bet you all thought It was somewhere exotic ...well yes I guess you can say the fruit market stall is exotic as it's the place to find lovely exotic fruits and vegetables on display ha ha!!

If you recall last week on the blog I talked passionately about my preference when it came to fruits and vegetables shopping, my love for the fruit market stalls coupled with the greats bargains that were always on offer.

Sadly, my favourite market fruit trader George, wasn't on his fruit stall today so I roamed around the market for some serious bargains and as usual I came up trumps.

I got a variety of lovely fruits which included 

  • A bowl of 6 pink lady apples for £1
  • 2 bowls of blackberries for £1
  • 4 Spring onions for £1
  • 6 Apricots for £1
  • 3 plantains for £1 ( I wasn't happy with this purchase as George sells it to me for at 4 for £1)
  • 10 plums for £1
  • 3 branches of spinach for £1 
  • 2 packs of strawberries for £1 and lots more. 

See for yourself picture below-

Fruit Market Bargains

I was very excited about the blackberries as they were delicious, ripe and dripping with red juice, I immediately made a two-berry smoothie with some apricots.

Two-Berry & Apricot Smoothie

You might already be aware that I rarely use ice cubes in my smoothies and as I always say " ditch the ice and freeze your fruits". So as I unpacked the fruits from the bag, they were washed, bagged and dumped in the freezer. This will last me a good couple of weeks till I go back to the market in a fortnight or so .

Till the next time...keep calm and have a smoothie.

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