Friday, 4 July 2014

Fruit Quiz #1

Happy Fabulous Friday!!

Once a week I'll upload a quiz, tips relating to food and fruits, something interactive that will get my readers chatting.

So today I have our first fruit quiz.

I know this isn't the easiest fruit quiz as there are some very interesting fruits on here but hopefully it will inspire you to try out some of the wonderful variety of mother nature's produce.

A few days ago one of my little sisters said  " Yems your blog is not Africa friendly, I can not find the fruits you use". I laughed my head off. The exotic fruits you use are too expensive in Africa she said.

I bet when she sees this fruit quiz she will have something to say. haha!!

I will try and and use very simple fruits in my smoothies for those who can not find my exotic fruits in their countries.

Go ahead take part in the quiz by leaving your answers below in the comments box:


Can you name these fruits?

Have fun and No Cheating!

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