Sunday, 24 August 2014

Recycling Jars For Smoothie Storage

Happy Sunday!!

How is everyone doing today? I hope you are all enjoying the long bank holiday weekend.

I get a few questions about where I get my smoothie jars from the BBM channel and on the blog.

I do not really spend money on smoothie jars from Amazon or eBay....ah well that's a bit of a fib haha!! because earlier this year I was tempted and bought these beautiful jars from a store in town called "Clas Ohlson".

I love the mason jars from Amazon & eBay and if I was ever tempted to buy them I will definitely charter them in bulk and end up spending lots of money on these fancy jars. 

Mason Jars Sold Online with Straws

Mason Jars
Instead of spending money on all these fancy jars I decided to recycle  my empty sauce jars and make the best use of them.I am big on recycling and yes I am that neighbour that selects all her bottles, cardboard boxes, plastics into the correct recycling box for collection ....I do my bit for the environment.

Empty Sauce Jars

Empty Sauce Jars
 I use the empty bottles from my Spaghetti bolognese sauce, pickled onions and beetroot.

Recycled Jar for Smoothies

These jars are just as nice as the mason jars and they'll vary from size to size depending on the content of the recycled jar. Also think of the good you are doing for the environment by recycling your bottles and let's not forget the pennies you can save from spending on these jars.

I hope I have encouraged you to recycle your jars  for your smoothies and save those pennies for a rainy day.

Have a wonderful day.

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