Thursday, 12 June 2014

Healthy Dinner:Salmon On A Mushroom & Spinach Bed With A Mango Salsa Salad

Happy Thursday All,

Hope everyone had a lovely day today.

I get really excited about dinner just as much as I get excited about my smoothies along  with a whole lot of other things that I won't mention on here ... *chuckles*

I love to browse the web and search for healthy ingredients that consists of the contents of my fridge as I have lot of things in my fridge...fruits, veggies you name it I got it :-)

So I came across this lovely hearty belly filling dinner and thought... YES that's what I am having. 

So let's get started....

bell peppers ( Red & Yellow)
cherry tomatoes
red onion
mango chunks
olive oil 


For the Mango Salsa Side Salad

dice the onions, bell peppers, mango slices and place in a clean bowl
chop some coriander leaves finely, add to the mix with black pepper, a pinch of salt and olive oil
mix well and place in the fridge

For the Salmon

preheat the oven and oil your baking tray or foil
remove from package and clean gently with some white vinegar
season with some salt and black pepper
place in the oven for 25-35mins until it's cooked and nicely done
I like my salmon nice and brown

For the Bed of Spinach

heat a tea spoon of olive oil in a wok
add washed mushrooms,onions and tomatoes and stir fry for 4-5 mins
add salt and black pepper
add washed spinach or kale to the wok and stir
squeeze some lime juice into it and stir

Place the spinach mix on the plate with the juices flowing, add salmon on top and finish it off with your mango salsa side salad

                                               Enjoy and have a lovely evening.

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